About Simius

Simius is a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) security solution that monitors and protects your IoT devices from cyber attacks in real-time. Built on artificial intelligence, Simius is designed to identify and block threats without interfering with the performance of your smart home network. Simius was developed by an experienced team of security and tech experts who create solutions against cyberthreats.

Problems are simply opportunities to Dominate. That is the Simius way.

- Neil Okikiolu, Founder & CEO, Simius

Our Mission

To protect people while they use their connected devices.

Our Vision

To build a future where humanity is super-charged and empowered by technology.

A world with secure automated devices.

Simius is the best way for us to get to that future faster and safer.

Our Value(s)

Build Solutions | Create New Approaches | Set Standards

To create authentic and reliable solutions to prevent cyberattacks.

To constantly think beyond the box and set audacious goals.

To redefine the security of smart-home networks by creating the world's most advanced security platform that protects and enables people to prevent network issues.

Humans of Simius

ceo simius

Neil Okikiolu

Founder, CEO

Our Story

Why did we create Simius?

My best friend Dan, his girlfriend Sarah, and I were having dinner at their smart home in 2019. They were acting strange, so I asked them what was wrong.

They told me they were feeling uneasy because they were sent a link to their in-home smart camera's live feed.

They didn't know how this could have happened or how to prevent it from happening again with that device or others in their home.

They were initially scared and too embarrassed to tell anyone since they didn't even understand the problem. However, they needed to solve the problem immediately because they wanted their privacy back as soon as possible.

So, I helped them pentest their home network and smart camera. I also researched a solution to fix the vulnerability in their camera.

In the end, a wave of relief washed over them and we enjoyed the rest of our dinner. They initially saw cybersecurity as a tedious and boring thing but now it's how they can sleep at night.

Soon after this experience, I created a way to simplify and automate this process ━ after all, this situation happens to a lot of people and almost all of them don't have a friend who can do these kinds of tests or help them fix device issues.

Our Growth in Stages

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