Privacy and Security Governance

Welcome to the Simius privacy statement. We've made information about your privacy easily accessible. Learn how we use your data to give you a positive experience.

Data Guarantee

Our Data Guarantee sets forth the principles and promises we make to you regarding how and why some of your data is used, why we will never sell your data, and what happens if you decide to no longer use our Services.

Privacy Policy

At Simius, we take the protection of your data seriously. We do not share your data with third parties. Our Privacy Policy explains what we do with your data, why we gather and use this, and the ways you can control your data.

End-User License Agreement

As a user, your duties and limitations are outlined in our EULA. It also covers payment terms and cancellation procedures, among other things.

We Will Never Sell Your Data

Data is central to protecting your smart home network. In securing your data, we have a Privacy & Data Protection Team, which monitors compliance globally and helps ensure that your data are processed following applicable data regulations.