Data Guarantee

We Will Never Sell Your Data

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. When it comes to your data, it is always best to explain exactly how and why we collect some of your information.
We have taken proactive steps like creating a privacy policy that puts your data and its security first. We are legally bound by our privacy policy to keep your information safe and private.

What Data We Collect

We collect some information, such as your:
  • Email
  • Name
  • IP Address

Why We Collect That Information

We collect your Email so that we create your account, in addition, we also send your scan updates and other product updates using your email.
We collect your Name so we can personalize our messages to you, it is always nice when a message is addressed directly to you rather than the generic "Hey".
We collect your IP Address so we can conduct our main function which is scanning your home for vulnerabilities.
As you can see, we are only collecting what we need to provide value to you. We are not collecting unneeded information such as your age for instance.

Your Data Rights Are Important to Us

You have a right to request us to delete all your data from our systems and we will always comply with that request.
If you ever want us to delete your information, simply send an email to and your data will be deleted within the hour.

Employee Access to Data Is Limited

When it comes to being able to access your information, we make sure only employees who need access get access.
In addition, we give those employees the absolute minimum amount of permissions needed to accomplish their job.
This is a preventative measure that makes sure hackers cannot get far if one of our employee credentials is compromised.

Your Sensitive Payment Information

When it comes to sensitive information like credit card numbers, we make a concerted effort to make sure this information is never stored with us.
We partner with well-known and trusted payment processors, like Stripe and PayPal, to facilitate and manage all transaction information.
The reason for this is in the very rare case of a database breach, you can be sure none of your sensitive information is leaked.

More Details

If you want more details about how we handle your data, you can look at our privacy policy for full break down.
When we say we will never sell your data, we mean it!